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      News — spinner ring

      Spinner Rings- What's the hype about?

      Spinner Rings- What's the hype about?

      Spinner Rings are believed to originate from  ancient Tibetan prayer wheels, meditation traditions, and is also known as "worry rings" or "meditation rings" due to the calming effect spinning the ring has on the mind and body. The spinning motion is believed to naturally help calm the mind, while simultaneously increasing good karma and ridding of any bad energy. The same thing applies to these spinner rings. Studies have shown that the repetitive motion of spinning and playing with the spinning feature of the rings has helped in calming the mind from distractions and negativity.

      The act of spinning creates a distraction and fades away the anxiety and stress. Spinner rings are not just the new cool, but actually have a deeper meaning, that can help a person with anxiety and mental well being.

      Most people who have or are feeling anxious will agree to the need to fidget as a way of talking their mind away from the cause of anxiety. Different people have different ways of coping with their anxiety, some bite their nails, some rub their hands, some play with their jewelry. A spinner ring gives these people a thing to play with, a distraction.

      They are a healthy, less obvious way, which gives time to ensure everything is in sync. You simply have to spin the outer layer of the ring with your fingers and take deep breaths, which will eventually lead to a calm, more meditative state.

      It is not that a ring has magical powers. It is just a ring, but that spinning action is what feels like magic. But the power of the thought or action in creating a relaxing and calm environment can actually make you more relaxed while spinning the ring.